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Automatically record, transcribe, and summarize your meetings.
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MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant designed to make meeting processes more efficient and insightful. This tool provides automatic video recording of meetings, coupled with AI-powered transcription capabilities, to facilitate easy review and understanding of the meeting content later on.

Beyond this, MeetGeek includes features such as automatic summaries, aiding users to efficiently get the main points of meetings without needing to review hours of content.

The tool also utilizes AI to extract and highlight key topics from each meeting, providing a quick way to catch up on past events. A search function empowers users to easily access past meetings, recordings, transcripts, and highlights from a single location.

MeetGeek also emphasizes team collaboration, allowing for shared rules regarding meeting content. Its 'conversation intelligence' feature provides AI-driven analytics for sales and customer insights, stemming from the meetings.

Furthermore, MeetGeek enhances productivity with automation capabilities, automatically syncing recording and highlights with users' systems. Custom branding options enable users to make the meeting experience resonate with their brand image.

The utility of MeetGeek spans across a range of roles, from sales teams to HR, and is also suited for different types of professional calls, including customer calls and interviews.


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Pros and Cons


Video records meetings
Transcribes meetings
Automatically summarizes meetings
Provides meeting insights
Offers tailored meeting tips
Custom branding for reports
Workflow and integrations support
Auto recording feature
Auto transcription feature
Automatic summaries
Highlight detection
Keyword detection
Repository of conversations
Free sign up
Key topic extraction
Search function
Team collaboration features
Conversation intelligence analytics
Sales insights
Customer insights
HR suitability
Customizable meeting templates
Automatic video recording
User-friendly review options
Searchable conversation history
Sharing rules for content
Syncs recording with user systems
Customizable branding options
Supports professional calls
Supports customer calls
Supports interviews
Supports different roles (sales, HR)
Trusted by 2000+ teams worldwide
No credit card required for sign up
Multilingual support
One-click highlight creation
Single location past meetings
Shared meeting content rules
Aligns with company culture
Tracks meeting weaknesses
Integrates with tool stack
Google Calendar/Microsoft Outlook support
Collaboration tools integration
CRM integration
Task management integration
Syncs with 2000+ apps via Zapier
Cross-team use
Sales team productivity boost
Reduces HR decision time
C-Level company productivity boost
Increase in customer retention
Marketing customer data collection


Requires browser support
No offline functionality
Limited CRM integrations
Requires high internet speed
No native mobile apps
Possible concerns over privacy
Limited custom branding
Depends on meeting participants' acoustic


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How does MeetGeek save time in summarizing meetings?
Can MeetGeek automatically record and transcribe my meetings?
Does MeetGeek store and allow search of past meetings and summaries?
How does MeetGeek enhance team collaboration?
Does MeetGeek offer insights from customer calls?

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