Meetings 2024-01-05
Redefining meetings with AI-synced notes and tasks
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance meeting productivity by providing AI-synced notes and tasks. It converts meetings into easy-to-follow notes and logs actions for next steps, aiming to streamline workflows and enhance action tracking.

The notes from all meetings are consolidated in one place, making it easy to refer back or follow up. With integration into Google Calendar, users can create instant or scheduled meetings and sync them with their accounts.

During the meeting, Rumis AI provides interactive summaries, insights, and action items, enabling participants to focus on the discussion while the AI handles the logistics.

Post-meeting, offers replay, review, and relay capabilities, allowing users to access a full recording of the meeting, jump to key moments, and follow up on action items via an email summary that is sent to all participants.

With Rumi.ais 'Off the Record' feature, users can pause the AI and recording at any time to keep sensitive aspects of the meeting private. also features turn-based mode for orderly meetings, integrating unique queue and timer mode for well-structured meetings. also has its own mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms.


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Rumi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines workflows
Enhances action tracking
Consolidated meeting notes
Google Calendar integration
Interactive summaries provided
Insights and action items
Replay, review, relay capabilities
'Off the Record' feature
Turn-based meeting mode
Turn-based mode queue
Turn-based mode timer
iOS and Android apps
Private meeting sections
Well-structured meetings
Makes meeting logs actionable
Real-time meeting summaries
Post-meeting email summary
Meeting insights provided
Automated to-do's
In-meeting note syncing
Post-meeting action assistance
Recordings of meetings
Recordings key moment jumps
Productivity oriented
Confidentiality features
Automatically assigned action items
Ticketing and messaging integrations
Unlimited meetings
No time caps
Next meeting alerts
Instant meeting recordings
Scheduling Google calendar integrations
Meetings directly in browser
Webinar supportive
Structured discussions friendly


Limited integration options
No desktop application
Limited turn-based meeting control
Inefficient for quick, short meetings
Limited data privacy details
Dependent on good internet connectivity
Only integrates with Google calendar
No multilingual support


What is
How does enhance meeting productivity?
Can I integrate with Google Calendar?
What kind of meeting summaries does provide?
How does help with action tracking?
Can I pause during a meeting?
What is the 'Off the Record' feature in
What is the Turn-Based Mode in
Is there a mobile application for
How can help to improve my post-meeting review process?
Can I access full recordings of my meetings with
Is there a feature in to jump to key moments during the meeting replay?
How does help with following up on action items?
Does send a summary after the meeting?
How are the notes from all meetings organized in
Can I schedule instant meetings with
Does offer features for well-structured meetings?
How does facilitate orderly meetings?
What is AI-synced notes and tasks feature in
How does streamline workflow?

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