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Improve Business English via recorded online meetings.
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Urise AI is a tool designed to enhance Business English skills and strengthen professional careers. With a focus on optimizing online conversations, it transforms each interaction into a valuable learning opportunity.

By discreetly recording meetings, Urise AI enables users to gain valuable feedback that can significantly contribute to achieving their professional goals.One of the key features of Urise AI is its ability to seamlessly and privately record online meetings.

This ensures that all recorded conversations are kept confidential, allowing users to freely engage in discussions without concerns about privacy or security breaches.

The recorded meetings then serve as a basis for providing valuable feedback.The feedback offered by Urise AI is designed to assist users in improving their Business English skills.

This feedback can encompass various aspects such as language proficiency, communication effectiveness, and presentation skills. By highlighting areas that require attention, users can work on enhancing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses.Urise AI boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing individuals to conveniently access the platform and review their feedback.

This accessibility further enhances the tool's effectiveness, enabling users to easily track their progress over time.In summary, Urise AI is an AI-powered tool that empowers professionals to augment their Business English skills.

By discreetly recording online meetings and delivering valuable feedback, it provides users with the necessary guidance to accelerate their professional growth and achieve their career objectives.


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