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Your guide to Hacker News hiring threads.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to explore 'Who is hiring?' jobs?
Sample prompts:
Golang software engineer jobs
Remote positions in Europe
Software engineer in US > 100K$
Job related to AI, ML or LLM
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Ask GPT: Who is hiring? is a GPT designed as a comprehensive guide for job seekers to navigate the renowned Hacker News thread 'Ask HN: Who is hiring?'.

The thread is updated monthly and serves as a hub for companies to share job openings. The GPT uses this database of job posts and offers users actionable insights on available jobs that are tailored to their specifications.

By prompting with specific job-related queries such as 'Software engineer in US > 100K$', 'Remote positions in Europe', or 'Job related to AI, ML, or LLM', users can retrieve personalized results relevant to their job search.

To use this GPT, an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required. The main user interface initiates with a welcome message that invites users to explore the 'Who is hiring?' jobs.

The aim of this GPT is to simplify the job-seeking process by giving users an efficient way to explore a wide range of job openings. Its advantage is in the way it is able to pull from a constantly refreshed source of worldwide job postings from diverse industries, and how it enables users to streamline their job search by focusing on tailored results from the vast array of opportunities listed in the Hacker News thread.

Thus, Ask GPT: Who is Hiring? acts as a supportive AI companion for individuals in their job search journey, creating an interactive and user-friendly platform for finding appropriate job opportunities.


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Ask GPT: Who is hiring? was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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