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Swork is an AI-powered jobhunt assistant designed to revolutionize the way job seekers find employment opportunities. Unlike traditional methods that focus on analyzing CVs and vacancy descriptions, Swork takes a unique approach by evaluating both the skills and personality of the user, as well as the requirements of available jobs.

This innovative matching process aims to accelerate the job hunting process, minimize bias, and ultimately secure better job opportunities for users.Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Swork leverages the same advanced algorithms found in ChatGPT to deliver personalized job recommendations.

Users can conveniently browse through job listings and swipe to indicate their interest. Furthermore, Swork allows for direct application to desired positions, streamlining the application process.Available for download on Android and iOS, Swork offers users the chance to join the jobhunting revolution.

By utilizing its AI capabilities, this personal assistant empowers job seekers to uncover opportunities that align with their unique skills and personality traits.Swork is developed by UnderstandLing, a company based in Rijen, Netherlands.

For further information, users can refer to the app's Term & Conditions and Privacy Policy. For inquiries or support, users can contact the Swork team via email at [email protected] summary, Swork is a groundbreaking AI-powered jobhunt assistant that provides efficient and unbiased job matching based on individual skills and personality, offering users the ability to discover and apply for better job opportunities directly within the app.


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Swork was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 4th 2023.
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