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Predicting the work-life balance of your next job.
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Tula is an artificial intelligence (AI) model designed to predict the work-life balance score of a job a user is applying for. This tool aims to assist in job search by ensuring that the users don't waste time on opportunities that may not meet their work-life balance expectations.

To use the tool, the user simply pastes a job listing URL, and the system instantly provides a Tula score. It uses a trained AI algorithm to analyze both self-reported data and other available information from companies to generate accurate predictions.

The objective of providing Tula score is to deliver trustworthy insights on the job listing the user is interested in. Tula is backed by Anti Work Girlboss, a pioneer in advocating for balanced professional life.


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TulaAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Predicts work-life balance score
Assists in job search
Saves user time
Analyzes job listing URLs
Instant Tula score
Analyzes self-reported data
Generates accurate predictions
Provides trustworthy insights
Backed by Anti Work Girlboss
Fosters professional life balance
Predictive job market analysis
Quick results
Checks company reputation
No wasted opportunities
Ease of access
Cuts down research time
Job satisfaction indicator
User-friendly interface
Advocates for employee engagement
Useful for professional development
Avoids non-credible data
Data-driven insights
Finds lazy girl jobs
Useful for HR sector
Represents employee wellness
Provides Tula score assessment
Reliable job-market tool
Supports career guidance process
Helps to evaluate job listings
Easy email subscription
Web-based tool
Encourages lazy job hunt
Company-based data analysis
Fast and efficient algorithm
Follows transparent process
Helps balance professional life
Easy to use format
Linked with social platforms
Supports tech start-up businesses
Connects with reliable data
Advocates for job satisfaction
Saves from inaccurate job information
Smart job-seeking approach
Vouches for user wellness
Values professional leisure
Complements human resources activities
Promotes healthy work culture


Works with job listing URLs only
Relies heavily on self-reported data
No mobile application
Doesn't integrate with job search platforms
Information quality depends on the company
No option to input specific work-life balance parameters
Lack of data validation mechanism
No personalization for different user priorities
No multi-language support
Score interpretation unclear


What is the Tula score?
How does Tula predict the work-life balance score of a job?
Can Tula analyze any job listing URL?
What kind of data does Tula use for its predictions?
Does Tula only analyze self-reported data?
Why is Tula described as a 'Lazy Girl Job' tool?
How does Tula aim to save users time in their job search?
How does Tula ensure the accuracy of its predictions?
What is the role of Anti Work Girlboss in Tula?
Why is work-life balance important in Tula's analysis?
How does the user receive their Tula score?
Does it cost anything to use Tula?
What constitutes trustworthy insights according to Tula?
Does Tula provide insights on other aspects of the job listing apart from work-life balance?
Does Tula give instant results?
How does Tula assist in professional development?
Can Tula be used as a career guidance tool?
How does Tula contribute to employee engagement and job satisfaction?
Does Tula aid in overall job market analysis?
Is Tula only useful for tech start-up job listings?

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