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Optimized job search platform.
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Careerflow is a job search and management platform that offers a variety of free tools to simplify and accelerate the job search process. These tools are created by industry experts from major tech companies (FAANG+) and include a LinkedIn review tool that can boost profile views by 2.5x, a job tracker that allows users to keep track of job opportunities, applications, notes, and contacts all in one place, and a 'Who's Hiring' search feature that provides information on companies that are currently hiring.

Careerflow also offers a resources section that includes an actively hiring database, a resume template, and a community of over 6,000 job seekers. In addition, the platform offers an AI-assisted resume builder, cover letter writer, and skill gap analysis tool.

Careerflow's Job Search suite aims to equip job seekers with a personalized CRM to help them land their dream job without the stress. The platform is already trusted by over 200k job seekers, and its tools have helped many get hired at FAANG, top tech, and startup companies 10x faster.

Overall, Careerflow provides users with a streamlined and comprehensive solution for managing their job search process, from optimizing their online profiles to tracking job applications and managing contacts.


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Careerflow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free job search tools
LinkedIn review tool
Profile view boost
Job tracker feature
Comprehensive job search management
Features created by FAANG+ experts
Who's Hiring search feature
Actively hiring database
Resourceful community (6k+ members)
Skill gap analysis tool
Personalized CRM for Job search
Trusted by over 200k users
Accelerates job search (10x faster)
Optimized online profiles
Job application tracking
Job search autopilot
Job and contact management
Single dashboard management
One-click import from chrome
Notable hiring at FAANG and top tech/startup companies
Resume improvements based on FAANG+ mentors
Featured in renowned outlets


No offline mode
No mobile application
Limited integration options
No multi-language support
No export data feature
No direct job application
No job alerts
Limited customization options
Strict platform dependency
No applicant data privacy info


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Does Careerflow offer a cover letter writer?
What is a skill gap analysis tool in Careerflow?
Can Careerflow help me get hired at FAANG companies?
Is Careerflow's job search suite free?
What other companies use Careerflow's services?
How does the Careerflow job tracker work?
How can the LinkedIn review tool improve my job searching?
Does Careerflow have a community for job seekers?
What is the 'Actively Hiring Database' that Careerflow offers?
Does Careerflow provide a resume template?
What kind of personalized CRM does Careerflow offer for job seekers?
How many users does Careerflow have?
What is the Careerflow LinkedIn Optimization Tool?

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