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ByRamzi Osta
Your job search companion: Resume and Cover Letter Composer.
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Sample prompts:
I need support in drafting a potent cover letter for a job, one that properly highlights my relevant competencies and experiences.
I need to tailor my resume to a certain job description, to enhance its effectiveness and ascertain a congruous representation of my skills.
I require assistance in crafting a job proposal on Upwork.
I require assistance in drafting an initial email message to a recruiter.
I need to establish communication with a recruiter on LinkedIn, inviting them to review my profile concerning a job that piqued my interest.
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Mr Writer is a GPT aimed at assisting in various job search and application tasks. This tool is designed to aid in drafting potent cover letters for jobs that properly highlight an individual's relevant competencies and experiences.

Mr Writer can also assist in tailoring a resume to a specific job description, to enhance its effectiveness and ensure a congruous representation of the user's skills.

Moreover, this GPT provides support in crafting job proposals on platforms like Upwork. Mr Writer also aids in drafting initial email messages to recruiters, helping users establish constructive communication with recruitment professionals.

This tool can be especially useful for individuals pursuing opportunities on LinkedIn, as it can assist in inviting recruiters to review a user's profile concerning a job that has captured their interest.

Designed by Ramzi Osta, Mr Writer requires ChatGPT Plus to operate, and users will need to sign up to use this tool. In sum, this GPT serves as a comprehensive tool for navigating the job search and application process more successfully.


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Mr Writer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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