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ByYonghao Zhu
Advises on SWE NG Job Search with research-based insights
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to assist with your North American SWE NG job search.
Sample prompts:
What's the most efficient LeetCode study plan?
I have one week left before my interview, how should I prepare?
How to write a resume that won't be rejected by Google?
How to develop my own templates while practicing on LeetCode?
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Best Advises on SWE NG Job Search is a GPT specifically designed to provide advice and guidance on job search in the Software Engineering New Graduate (SWE NG) sector, primarily focusing on North America.

This GPT offers researched-based insights to assist users in their job search journey. It acts as an interactive guide posing responses to common queries around job hunting and interview preparation.

The GPT encourages user engagement and conversation through a variety of prompt starters. It provides advice on common topics such as how to write an effective resume that will not be rejected by companies like Google and formulating efficient study plans for technical tests like LeetCode.

The GPT can also advise on more specific queries such as the best strategies for last-minute interview preparation. Thus, this GPT serves as an invaluable tool to any individual seeking employment in the North American software engineering sector, providing expert advice and insightful suggestions based on detailed research.


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Best Advises on SWE NG Job Search was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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