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ByTeddy Pena
Specialized Gig Economy Coordinator with real-time gig search and management.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to help you navigate and manage the gig economy.
Sample prompts:
Find me gigs in graphic design near me.
How do I manage my gig applications?
Suggest gigs based on my work history.
Help me plan my gig work schedule for the week.
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AI Gig Navigator is a GPT designed to act as a specialized coordinator for individuals in the gig economy. This GPT integrates seamless real-time gig search and management capabilities to provide a detailed and time-responsive solution for gig economy workers or freelancers.

Its functionality is designed to manage and streamline gig-related tasks, making it easier for users to focus on the core aspects of their work. The AI Gig Navigator is designed to interact and communicate with users in a manner that's easy and user-friendly.

It aids users in finding gigs highly customized to their capabilities and preferences. It can locate opportunities such as 'graphic design gigs near me' and manage gig applications, making the search process more efficient.The GPT is built with predictive capabilities.

It has the ability to suggest gigs to users based on their work and project history, helping them find opportunities that match their skill sets and work preferences.

The AI Gig Navigator can also assist in planning the gig work schedule for the week, providing an integrated solution for time and work management.The AI Gig Navigator requires the ChatGPT Plus, an expanded version of the ChatGPT, to operate.

It is designed to add value and ease to the everyday lives of individuals in the gig economy by taking over the task of job search and management. Overall, the AI Gig Navigator cuts through the noise in the fast-paced gig economy and allows its users to focus on their core skills and work, while it handles the coordination and management aspects of gig work.


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