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Automated personal assistant for task-solving.
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Gnbly is an AI communication tool that offers a personal executive assistant to automate daily communication tasks, such as booking restaurant reservations and scheduling appointments.

It enables users to save time and energy by handling tasks with a simple command. Additionally, it can navigate through phone systems and efficiently resolve customer service issues by gathering crucial information.

The tool's inquiry capabilities allow users to access information from businesses easily. Gnbly also offers call recording, the ability to interact with IVR, forward calls to users, and handle incoming calls for businesses.

Gnbly is designed for personal assistants as well as enterprise support dispatchers. The tool offers three pricing plans, Hobby, Pro, and Business, to support a wide range of use cases.Gnbly does not offer a free trial at the moment; however, users can try the tool for $3, which will renew every two days with a five-minute soft cap.

Gnbly ensures data security and offers basic community support for its users. The tool aims to simplify everyday communication and provide easy access to relevant information, making life simpler and more connected.

Users can get in touch with the Gnbly team through their contact section to explore investment opportunities or build scalable applications.


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Gnbly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates daily communication tasks
Inquiry capabilities for businesses
Offers call recording
Capable to interact with IVR
Handles incoming calls
Navigates through phone systems
Efficient customer service resolution
Three pricing plans
Task handling with simple command
Basic community support
Appointment scheduling capabilities
Handles both incoming and outgoing calls
Offers call summary
Lead qualification reports
Data security assurance
No free trial limitation
Can forward calls mid-conversation
Potential business use for sales/customer service
Emergency phone support on business plan
Available for a $3 trial
Option to pick own virtual number
Job prompt templates provided
Email support for Pro and Business plans


No free trial
Limited trial version
Data security ambiguous
Basic community support
Expensive pricing plans
Limited call minutes
No real-time customer support
Not open source
Limited functionality in lower plans


What is Gnbly?
How does Gnbly automate daily communication tasks?
Can Gnbly interact with IVR?
Can Gnbly record calls?
How can Gnbly handle customer service issues?
What are Gnbly's pricing plans?
Does Gnbly offer a free trial?
How does Gnbly ensure data security?
Can I use Gnbly for my business?
What type of tasks can Gnbly perform?
Can Gnbly be used by both individuals and enterprises?
Does Gnbly offer community support?
Can Gnbly be used for appointment scheduling?
Is it possible to forward calls to users through Gnbly?
How can I contact the Gnbly team?
Can Gnbly handle both incoming and outgoing calls?
Is Gnbly suitable for use as a personal AI assistant?
How does Gnbly handle business inquiries?
Does Gnbly offer a lead qualification report?
Can Gnbly navigate through phone systems?

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