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Improved video calls with real-time face swap
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DeepFaceLive is a tool available on GitHub that offers real-time face swap functionality for PC streaming or video calls. This tool allows users to swap their faces with other faces in real-time, enhancing their streaming or video call experience.

The tool is open source and has gained popularity with over 15.8k stars and 2.3k forks on GitHub.DeepFaceLive provides a face swap module that enables users to seamlessly replace their face with another face in real-time.

It offers the capability to perform this face swap during PC streaming or video calls, allowing users to transform their appearance in real-time while engaging with others.The tool is implemented under the GNU General Public License (GPL-3.0), which means it is open source and can be modified and distributed by the community.DeepFaceLive has a history of continuous development, with a significant number of commits indicating frequent updates and improvements.

The tool's popularity on GitHub suggests that it has attracted a considerable user base and likely offers reliable and effective face swapping functionality for PC streaming and video calls.Overall, DeepFaceLive provides an accessible and customizable solution for users looking to augment their streaming or video call experiences by swapping their faces in real-time.


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DeepFaceLive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time face swapping
Suitable for PC streaming
Useful for video calls
Open source tool
Popular on GitHub
Continuous development
GNU General Public License
Can modify and distribute
Largest community on GitHub
Customizable solution
Suitable for face transformation
Highly rated
Active user base
Frequent updates
Reliable functionality
Face swap module
Swap faces in real-time
Open to community contributions
Good for live interactions
Toolkit available on GitHub
Enhances streaming/video call experiences
Modifiable for personal use
Strong community support
Numerous community improvements
Multiple commits
Real-time appearance transformation
Wide range of applications
Works with video input
Access to advanced tools
Facilitates interactive conversations
Strong reliability
Capable of high-quality transformations
User-friendly interface
Efficient face swapping process
Stable performance
Seamless integration with other tools
Improved video call quality


Requires DirectX12 compatible graphics card
Needs modern CPU with AVX instructions
Requires 4GB RAM, 32GB+ paging file
Only for Windows 10
Optimal performance on high-end GPUs (RTX 2070+ / Radeon RX 5700 XT+)
Limited face animator quality
Dependent on face match and parameter tuning


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