Face swapping 04 Sep 2023
Consent management for website owners on cookies.

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SwapSurprise.ai is a tool that utilizes Cookiebot to enable website owners to comply with data privacy regulations, specifically regarding the use of cookies.

It provides a comprehensive consent management solution that allows users to personalize their cookie preferences. The tool categorizes cookies into necessary, preference, statistics, and marketing cookies and provides detailed information about each category.Necessary cookies are essential for the basic functionality of the website, while preference cookies remember user-specific settings.

Statistics cookies are used to collect anonymized data about visitor interactions, aiding website owners in understanding user behavior. Marketing cookies track visitors across websites to display relevant and engaging ads.SwapSurprise.ai is also integrated with Shopify, enabling secure checkout and payment functions.

It includes various cookies related to secure transactions and customer credentials storage. Additionally, the tool offers cross-domain consent management, allowing users to apply their consent preferences to multiple domains.The provided cookie declaration and consent ID allow users to easily track and manage their consent, ensuring transparency and control over their data.

SwapSurprise.ai helps website owners meet legal requirements while respecting user privacy and preferences.Please note that the specific details and numbers mentioned in the original text have been omitted to avoid potential inaccuracies.

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Mimao Mimo
· Sep 5, 2023
you are limited to only few templates
Michael Rehnus
· Sep 4, 2023
schreibe richtig Hallo Herr Reinhardt, ich habe noch eine Bestellung auf dem Tisch. Es geht um die 3059565308. Teilennumer:A1747351300 - 5 Stück, A1747351400 - 5 Stück. Ist die Bestellung noch aktuell, und kann ich diese verschicken? Die Teile sind versandbereit.

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Pros and Cons


Detailed cookie categories
Personalized cookie preferences
Integrated with Shopify
Cross-domain consent management
Track and manage consent
Secure checkout and payments
Customer credentials storage
Compliant with legal requirements
Transparent data handling


No statistics cookies used
Relies on Cookiebot
Limited personalization
Excessive cookies for transactions
Limited platform integrations
Reliant on third-party cookies
No declared unclassified cookies
Not fully GDPR-compliant
No direct user analytics
No A/B testing functionality

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