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Optimize promos, boost profitability, improve loyalty.
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ConnectedFlow is an AI-based tool designed to enhance promotions on eCommerce stores. Through advanced AI analytics, the tool extends its utility to identify the causes of margin erosion and calculates the impact on customer loyalty.

One significant feature includes the optimization of discounts to enhance profitability. The tool also uses AI and behavioral science to pinpoint optimal messaging that would likely result in customer conversions.

ConnectedFlow offers several sub-tools each working to improve various aspects of an eCommerce store's promotions. Discount IQ seeks to boost the net margin on promotions by providing insights and recommendations on optimizing discount levels.

Promotion IQ helps generate profitable promotion ideas informed by sales, inventory, and customer behavior data. Another aspect, Behaviour IQ uses behavioral science and customer psychology to identify messaging that resonates with customers.

Furthermore, the tool provides actionable recommendations aligned with margin erosion metrics, helping stores to maximize their profitability. In summary, connectedFlow serves as a comprehensive solution for eCommerce stores to optimize their promotional activities, improve their net margin, and enhance customer loyalty with the help of AI technology.


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