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Prooftiles is an AI tool that focuses on optimizing website conversion rates and improving customer interactions. It offers a powerful toolkit for businesses of all sizes to maximize their online presence and achieve remarkable results.

With Prooftiles, users can build trust and credibility by showcasing social proof, personalize experiences for each user to enhance engagement, and simplify browsing for an improved user journey.

Additionally, the tool allows businesses to collect valuable customer information for targeted marketing, reduce website abandonment, and increase revenue through non-interruptive pop-up messages that encourage higher-value transactions and upsells.Prooftiles offers customization options for the look and feel of pop-up messages, as well as trigger rules and animations, giving users full control over their messages.

The tool also provides performance tracking and analytics to identify the most effective messages and make informed decisions to further increase conversion rates.

It seamlessly integrates with over 100 favorite tools, supporting easy implementation into existing workflows.Prooftiles boasts an AI-powered content wizard, fueled by a fine-tuned AI model based on GPT-4, to help users craft irresistible messages, improve content, and create more engaging pop-ups.

The tool claims to increase engagement by 75% and deliver results 2.5 times faster. Prooftiles is backed by positive customer reviews and guarantees a return on investment.

It offers a free trial for users to test the tool and see how it can boost conversions on their websites.


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Prooftiles was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 8th 2023.
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