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SMS marketing copy creation.
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Klaviyo's SMS Assistant is an AI-driven tool that helps marketers create compliant text message copy quickly and easily. With the SMS Assistant, marketers can plug in a few descriptions about their SMS campaign and generate examples of compliant SMS copy in seconds.

Using machine learning, the SMS Assistant creates a tailored set of messages based on the type of campaign (e.g. promotional, product announcement, newsletter, etc.) and a brief description of the campaign.

It also provides two shorter messages that only require one SMS to send, and one longer message that utilizes two SMS to send. Through the SMS Assistant, marketers can easily generate content that meets compliance requirements and helps them to craft messaging that informs and delights their target audience.


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Klaviyo SMS Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates compliant SMS copy
Tailors text per campaign
Two short SMS options
One two-SMS length option
Automates SMS copywriting
Trained for mobile regulations
Helpful for new marketers
Reduces content creation time
SMS writing inspiration
4 campaign types supported
Creates context relevant messages
Allows campaign information input
Generates 3 messages at once
Option to get more ideas
Regulations compliance confidence
Auto-append to existing text
Quick SMS campaign creation
mainstream integration features
Great tool for product announcement
Detailed documentation


Generates only 3 messages
Limited to text message campaigns
Limited campaign types
Promotions, Product Announcements, Newsletter
No multi-language support
Automated copy may lack authenticity
Requires detailed campaign descriptions
Message replacement not customizable
Lacks advanced tailoring options


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