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Constant Contact is a digital and email marketing platform that allows users to create effective online marketing campaigns. The platform caters to small business owners who need tools and guidance to find, attract, and engage customers, as well as sales and marketing directors who need to align their teams and convert leads.

One notable feature of Constant Contact is its AI and automation tools, which combine two powerful technologies to assist users in their marketing efforts.The platform offers a range of features to support email and digital marketing, including email marketing creation, sending, and tracking, a wide selection of email templates, marketing automation for sending timely emails, and landing pages to capture new leads.

Users can also utilize features such as event marketing, list-building tools, A/B testing, integrations with other tech platforms, campaign tracking, CRM synchronization, and e-commerce capabilities.In addition, Constant Contact provides tools for social media marketing, SMS marketing, and mobile marketing, expanding users' reach and allowing them to manage their accounts on the go.

The platform offers various resources for marketing beginners and advanced marketers, including industry-specific guides and a small business hub filled with resources to fuel business growth.

Users can also access services like one-on-one consultations with a marketing advisor and professional services for expert assistance.Overall, Constant Contact aims to help businesses enhance their email and digital marketing strategies with easy-to-use tools and AI-powered features, ultimately driving results and helping users achieve their marketing goals.


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Constant Contact was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2023.
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