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Automated social media marketing platform.
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Socialvar Ltd is a cloud-based marketing platform that provides businesses with a range of marketing tools, including a full-stack social media marketing solution, mail and SMS marketing, and WhatsApp automation.

The platform's full-stack social media solution lets businesses schedule and publish social media posts across multiple platforms, reducing the workload associated with analyzing data and manually posting content.

Socialvar's email and SMS marketing solution enables personalized and targeted campaigns to reach potential and existing customers, with bulk email sending, list segmentation, and real-time analytics.

The WhatsApp automation tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify business WhatsApp marketing with autoresponders, bulk messaging, chatbot and real-time media features.

Socialvar's pricing plans are flexible and suited to businesses of all sizes, and the platform provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for scheduling and publishing content.

Socialvar is an effective communication tool for businesses to reach their target customers, automate campaigns, and gain loyal customers. Overall, Socialvar is an ideal automated marketing solution for businesses looking to increase their sales revenue and improve their social media presence.


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Social Var was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Full-stack social media solution
Cloud-based platform
Automates scheduling and publishing
Multi-platform post management
Email and SMS marketing
Personalized and targeted campaigns
Bulk email capabilities
List segmentation feature
Real-time analytics
WhatsApp automation tool
Bulk messaging on WhatsApp
WhatsApp chatbot feature
Real-time media features on WhatsApp
Flexible pricing plans
User-friendly interface
Helps gain loyal customers
Boosts social media presence
Add up to 72 social accounts
Facebook scheduling & report
Twitter scheduling & report
Instagram scheduling & report
Linkedin scheduling & report
Youtube scheduling & report
Telegram scheduling & report
200,000 message/month on WhatsApp
Chatbot with media on WhatsApp
Autoresponder with media on WhatsApp
Button message on WhatsApp
List message on WhatsApp
Export WhatsApp group participants
Effective communication tool
Automated marketing solutions
Increase sales revenue


No Pinterest integration
Limited social accounts
No Snapchat integration
Email-SMS marketing coming soon
No TikTok integration
No free tier available
Restricted monthly messages
Doesn't support multi-language interface
No API mentioned
No specific LinkedIn tools


What is Socialvar?
Does Socialvar offer solutions for all business sizes?
What social media platforms does Socialvar support?
Can I schedule posts with Socialvar?
What additional marketing features does Socialvar offer?
How does Socialvar's WhatsApp automation tool work?
Does Socialvar use AI or machine learning techniques?
Can I use Socialvar for bulk email and SMS campaigns?
Does Socialvar offer any analytics or statistics?
What is the pricing plan for Socialvar?
Is there a free trial version of Socialvar available before purchasing?
Is Socialvar a user-friendly platform?
Can Socialvar help to increase sales revenue and improve social media presence?
How effective is Socialvar as a communication tool?
Can Socialvar handle list segmentation for targeted campaigns?
Does Socialvar offer any customizable features?
What are some of the customer reviews about Socialvar?
Does Socialvar provide round-the-clock support?
How many social accounts can I add in Socialvar?
Does Socialvar offer an autoresponder feature in its WhatsApp tool?

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