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Interactive digital marketing with storytelling.
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iStory is an interactive storytelling tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. The tool integrates voice and AI, rich media, and analytics to create unique experiences for content creators, allowing audiences to engage online in their own way and choose the path of the story.

With all the bombardment of banner ads, eBlasts, and social media posts in the digital ecosystem, creators need a new way to break through the clutter and speak to their audience directly.

iStory allows creators to achieve this by enabling them to track the effectiveness of every stage of their story and learn how people interact on a deeper level.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that is entirely customizable, providing an alternative to coding. It also offers a range of pricing options, starting with a 90-Day free trial for users who want to test the tool's capabilities before committing to a plan, and upgradable options that include custom analytics and team access.

iStory's creators claim that interactive video ads can increase lift in time spent with the ad by 47%, purchase intent by 32% and that voice interaction is more memorable, making it a powerful tool in the future of marketing.

Users have left positive testimonials, showing that iStory has the potential to change the game across several sectors, including content creation, social media, marketing, and EdTech.

iStory was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive storytelling tool
Enhances digital marketing campaigns
Integrates voice
Includes rich media
In-depth analytics
Tracks campaign effectiveness
Customizable user-friendly interface
No coding required
Range of pricing options
Free trial available
Upgradeable options
Offers custom analytics
Allows team access
Interactive ads increase engagement
Increases purchase intent
Voice interaction is memorable
Positive user testimonials
Applicable across various sectors
Adaptable to business types
Helps differentiate from competitors
Integration in education sector
Enhances audience experience
Tools for audience interaction
Breakthrough in ad clutter
Tagging for effective tracking
Unlimited stories creation
Flexible publishing rights
Affordable monthly plan
Offers custom plans
Enables natural brand communication


No Publishing Rights on Trial
Extra charges for additional iStories
No mentioned data security measures
No desktop application
No open source code
Unclear how voice interaction integrates
Lacks language localization options
Limited analytics on basic plans
No integrated task assignment feature
Unclear data privacy measures


What is iStory?
How does iStory integrate voice and AI in digital marketing?
Can I customize my interface on iStory?
What analytics does iStory provide for content creators?
How much does iStory cost?
Is there a trial period for iStory?
What is the impact of voice interaction with iStory?
What sectors can benefit from using iStory?
How does iStory help in breaking through the clutter of digital marketing?
How user-friendly is iStory for beginners?
Can teams use iStory collectively?
How does iStory enhance audience experience in digital marketing campaigns?
Can I track the effectiveness of my stories at every stage with iStory?
How does iStory compare to other digital marketing tools?
What are the publishing rights involved in the iStory 90-Day trial?
Can iStory influence purchase intent of the consumers?
What is the user feedback on iStory?
How does iStory aid in creating unique experiences for content creators?
What is the process of creating an iStory?
Are voice interactive ads more effective with iStory?

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