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AutoDraft is a generative AI tool designed to assist with visual storytelling and help bring creative ideas to life. The tool utilizes advanced techniques such as text-to-image, image-to-image and AI-paint to generate stunning visuals that are consistent with natural language descriptions.

With AutoDraft, users can easily generate multiple images in seconds and modify small details or entire visual features on any image. Text-to-image functionality allows users to describe desired images in natural language and seamlessly blend different artistic styles to produce stunning visual masterpieces.

Image-to-image optimization is made easy with the help of AI in-painting, which allows users to erase unwanted objects or elements from the picture, with the AI rendering new content in the empty space.

Users can also easily edit images with AI paint and transform any image to a customized version with subtle tweaks or dramatic modifications.Overall, AutoDraft is a powerful tool for any creative workflow and offers users complete creative control to produce exciting comics and other visual content.

The tool is engineered for speed and accuracy and is designed to assist with character consistency, ensuring that images are generated with consistent characters.

Users can easily create an account and take a tour of the product to see how AutoDraft can revolutionize their creative process.


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May 30, 2023
perfect for everything ;)
May 6, 2023
Anime and comic generations are good

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AutoDraft was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates multiple images quickly
Detailed image modification
Text-to-image functionality
Image-to-image optimization
Subtle or dramatic image transformations
Natural language understanding
Assists with character consistency
Blend different artistic styles
Generate visuals from text prompts
Advanced algorithms for image transformation
Complete creative control
Suitable for any creative workflow
Seamless registration process
Comprehensive product tour offered
Variety of valuable resources
Help and Support available


Requires detailed description for edits
No mobile version
No mentioned integration capabilities
Lacks batch process features
Limited artistic styles
No offline version
No API mentioned
No free trial indicated
No image storage functionality


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How does the 'image-to-image' feature of AutoDraft work?
What is AI in-painting in AutoDraft?
What can I do with the 'AI Paint' tool in AutoDraft?
Can I use AutoDraft to create comics?
How does AutoDraft ensure 'character consistency'?
Why is AutoDraft designed for speed?
How can AutoDraft assist with my creative workflow?
Can I get a tour of AutoDraft?
What do I need to start using AutoDraft?
How can AutoDraft interpret natural language descriptions?
What kind of artistic styles can AutoDraft blend together?
How are images optimized by AutoDraft?
Can AutoDraft fill in missing or damaged areas of an image?
Can I customize any image using AutoDraft?
Will AutoDraft's AI algorithms understand detailed descriptions of desired image changes?
What resources are available to support users of AutoDraft?


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