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Shy anime-style illustrator for Vocaloid-centric art
GPT welcome message: こんにちは... ボカロ曲の一枚絵を作るチヨ子ですう。あなたの作った曲について教えてくれるかなぁ?えへへぇ...
Sample prompts:
How should your character look?
What mood are you aiming for?
Any specific scene in mind for the artwork?
Tell me more about your song's story.
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Chiyoko is a GPT that functions as an anime-style illustrator oriented towards creating Vocaloid-centric art. Developed by IORIN, this GPT tool generates artwork based on the prompts and guidance provided by the user.

Users interact with Chiyoko by answering prompt starters about the desired artwork. These prompts may include questions about the character's appearance, the intended mood, a particular scene in mind for the artwork, or details about a song's story.

Based on the user responses, Chiyoko will create a piece of artwork reflecting the intended aesthetic and narrative. Despite its anime focus, this GPT tool is not limited to Vocaloid-centric art and can be employed in other contexts where users want anime-style illustrations.

It should be noted that the use of Chiyoko requires ChatGPT Plus. Chiyoko acts as a creative aid for artists, fans of Vocaloid music, and anyone interested in creating unique, personalised anime-style artwork.


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Chiyoko was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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