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Web UI for generating anime & art images.
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Newtype AI is an AI image generator tool that simplifies the image creation process through a user-friendly web UI. The key feature of this tool is its ability to generate AI images of favorite characters with just a few clicks.

The tool offers several options to customize different aspects of the image, including body, inside, expression, clothes, hair color, act, area, and outside.

The user can choose to add or remove any of these options according to their specific preferences. Besides, the tool provides a surprise me option, which generates a completely random image that may spark artistic inspiration.

The generated images are expected to be of high quality, providing satisfactory virtual portraits of the selected character. The Newtype AI tool simplifies the process of image generation and eliminates the need for technical or artistic skills, making it ideal for individuals who want to create unique and visually appealing images without much hassle.

This tool is suitable for artists, designers, game developers, and anyone else engaged in creative endeavors that require custom image creation. Overall, Newtype AI is a great tool that simplifies AI image generation and offers a convenient solution for those who want to create custom images quickly and easily.


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Newtype was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly web UI
Customizable image features
Surprise me option
High quality images
No technical skills required
Ideal for artists and designers
Quick image generation
Variety of customization options
Random image generation
Optimal for game developers
Eliminates need for artistic skills
Allows quick creations
Generates multiple unique images
Supports creative endeavors
Click-based image creation


Limited to anime style
No offline version
Lacks advanced editing tools
High reliance on web UI
Limited image customization
No API for integration
No collaborative features
No batch processing options
Limited support for different file formats
No preview before finalizing


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