Image generation 23 Jan 2023

Generated by GPT-3

Artimator is a free AI image generator tool that allows users to easily create visually stunning illustrations using artificial intelligence technology.

This tool is suitable for anyone looking to add creativity to their personal projects, including authors, marketers, and social media managers. With Artimator, users can generate unique images from either text or photos in various styles.The tool is easy to use; users only need to describe the image they want to create, and the AI technology does the rest.

Artimator provides a range of style choices for users to choose from, including 3D model, Anime, Black & White Portrait, Comics, Cosmic, Cyberpunk, Design – Kitchen, Design – Living Room, and Disney 3D.

Users can access additional styles that are not available with free usage by subscribing to the premium service.Artimator also provides control over the image generation process, including the number of steps the neural network will take, seed number, and the algorithm used to produce the image.

The tool's premium service provides additional benefits such as image size upscaling, ownership of generated images, no delays or ads, gallery of all your generated images, and copyright on all your generated images.

Overall, Artimator is a useful AI tool for anyone looking to create beautiful and unique illustrations quickly and easily.


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