Image generation 08 Sep 2022
Effortlessly edit images without expertise or downloads.

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GETIMG.AI is a suite of AI tools that enable users to generate original images, modify existing ones, expand photos beyond their original borders, and more.

The suite is designed to be fast and easy to use, and no downloads are required. It consists of several tools, such as Text to Image, AI Editor, DreamBooth, and others.

The Text to Image tool can be used to create any type of image or art with text, and the AI Editor can be used to generate missing parts of any photo, expand pictures beyond their original borders, or edit images with only text.

DreamBooth can be used to create custom AI models based on 10 uploaded photos. The suite is free to use, with up to 100 images generated per month, and users are able to earn additional credits by referring friends and followers.

GETIMG.AI is subject to CreativeML Open RAIL-M license, and usage that violates any applicable national, federal, state, local, or international law or regulation will be banned and reported.

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Pros and Cons


Effortless image editing
Generates original images
Expands photos beyond borders
No downloads required
Several unique tools
Generates missing parts of images
Edit images with text
Generates art with text
Free for 100 images/month
Referral program for credits
Eradicates unwanted image objects
Generates up to 10 images/seconds
Browser-based tool
Covers various use cases
Supports commercial image use
Guides for image generation
Can monitor generated content
Features an affiliate program


Limited free usage
Dependency on text prompts
Requires 10 images for DreamBooth
No offline usage
Potential banning for misuse
Referrals needed for extra credits
No NSFW content allowed
Create account to use


What is GETIMG.AI?
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What tools does GETIMG.AI suite offer?
Can I use GETIMG.AI without downloading any software?
What is the Text to Image feature of GETIMG.AI?
How can the AI Editor tool in GETIMG.AI assist in image editing?
What is DreamBooth on GETIMG.AI and how can I use it?
Is GETIMG.AI free to use and what are the limits?
Can I earn additional credits on GETIMG.AI?
What is the license type for GETIMG.AI?
Are there any restrictions on the usage of GETIMG.AI?
How fast can GETIMG.AI generate images?
Can GETIMG.AI be used for photo editing?
What is the purpose of inpainting feature in GETIMG.AI's AI Editor?
What kind of images can I generate using the Text to Image tool on GETIMG.AI?
How do I create custom AI models using DreamBooth on GETIMG.AI?
How can I use GETIMG.AI to modify existing photos?
Can I use GETIMG.AI to expand pictures beyond their original borders?
What are the use cases for GETIMG.AI?
Are the images generated by GETIMG.AI subject to any copyright restrictions?

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