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Mockey is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) suite composed of a variety of image generator tools. These tools provide the capability of transforming ideas into visual reality, even in cases where that specific image did not exist before.

The range of applications is diverse, allowing users to create visualizations of products, bring creative concepts to life, and even explore new realms of possibility.

The suite includes AI tools from various sources, such as DALLE by OpenAI, Imagen by Google Cloud, and Magic Media's Text to Image. Besides image generation, Mockey includes both watermark and filmic styles to experiment with, providing a further layer of creative freedom for users.

The service provides tiered subscription plans, ensuring access to casual and professional users with varying degrees of needs and usage frequency. Additional features of the tools include an AI photo editor that can enhance images, AI-generated captions and text, graphic elements to assist in story building, and several AI image generation applications for various use cases.


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