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ByRobert Bracco
Amplify your creativity with inspiring images.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Provide an image description with an emphasized adjective, like 'a SPICY bowl of ramen'.
Sample prompts:
Create a picture of a MYSTERIOUS forest.
Illustrate a LIVELY city scene.
Make me an ANGRY squirrel
Show me a HAPPY baby
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Makemore is a unique type of Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that is built on top of ChatGPT. This tool specifically revolves around the generation and manipulation of images.

To use Makemore, you simply give an initial prompt consisting of an adjective, preferably in capital letters. The GPT then generates an image based on the supplied description.

This could be any object, scenography, or thing, like a mysterious forest, a lively city scene, or an image of a happy baby, depending on your prompt.

One special feature about Makemore is its interactive aspect. It allows the user to influence the intensity or extremity of the generated images by reacting to them.

By appending an exclamation mark (or multiple) to your responses, you can make the resulting images more extreme in their portrayal of your suggested theme or concept.

The more exclamation marks you use, the more intense the effect. While this tool opens up imaginative possibilities for creative design, it does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The GPT is curated by Robert Bracco, and it prompts you to sign up for interaction. Its application can range from simple fun and exploration of ideas to more professional use-cases like pre-visualization for artists, concept development for designers, or even as an engaging visual aid in education.

Its key selling point lies in its ability to turn descriptive words into visual imagery with an added layer of user interaction.


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