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Logo and marketing image generation
Generated by ChatGPT

BoostPixels is a free AI image generation tool that specializes in fine-tuning models to create high-quality images. With this tool, users can generate images based on custom prompts or choose from a predefined gallery of prompts.

The generated images can be used for various purposes like website designs, marketing materials, or creative projects.To use BoostPixels, users need to upload their own logo (512x512 pixels) in png, jpeg, jpg, or webp format, and the tool will utilize AI algorithms to generate stunning images.

The tool supports a wide range of prompts, including flat lay photography, groceries, supermarket, disassembled jet engine, disassembled food, disassembled shopping cart, painting tools, coins, banknotes, and plastic circuit boards.

Additionally, users have the option to create their own prompts for more customized image generation.BoostPixels allows users to choose between two image quality options, 512px or 1024px, depending on their specific requirements.

The tool also provides a blog section where users can find additional information and updates related to AI image generation.It is worth noting that BoostPixels offers warm-up time for its server, ensuring efficient and seamless image generation.

The tool is committed to ensuring user privacy and follows a strict set of terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy. For any further inquiries or assistance, users can reach out to the BoostPixels team through the contact section.


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BoostPixels Flat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free tool
High-quality image generation
User-defined/custom prompts
Predefined gallery of prompts
Supports png, jpeg, jpg, webp formats
Two image quality options
Useful for marketing materials
Useful for website designs
Supports a broad range of prompts
User privacy protected
Has a contact section for support
Server warm-up time
Blog section for extra info
Logo upload feature
Option to bring own logo
512x512 px logo support
512px or 1024px image quality
Strict compliance to terms of use
Strict adherence to privacy policy


Requires user-provided logo
Limited to square logos
Only two image quality options
Server warm-up time necessary
Limited file type support
No bulk image generation
Evolves only around logos
Distinct resultant style
No API for integration
Prompt selection not varied


What is BoostPixels?
How does BoostPixels generate images?
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What are the predefined prompts provided by BoostPixels?
Is it possible to create my own prompts in BoostPixels?
What purposes can the images generated by BoostPixels be used for?
What do I need to start using BoostPixels?
What image quality options does BoostPixels offer?
Does BoostPixels provide any informational support or updates about AI image generation?
What is the server warm-up time mentioned on BoostPixels?
What measures does BoostPixels take to ensure user privacy?
How can I reach out to the BoostPixels team if I need any assistance?
Is BoostPixels a paid tool or free to use?
Why do we need to upload a logo to use BoostPixels?
What is custom prompt feature in BoostPixels?
Is there any restriction on type of custom prompts in BoostPixels?
How to select image quality in BoostPixels?
Can I use BoostPixels for generating marketing materials?
What are the terms of use for BoostPixels?
What policies does BoostPixels follow regarding cookies?

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