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Enhanced logo and illustration design creativity.
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IMAGIX is an AI-powered tool designed to inspire and enhance creativity in logo and illustration design. It offers a platform where users can generate captivating designs, unique illustrations, and engaging content effortlessly.

By leveraging the power of AI, IMAGIX aims to elevate users' creative process and enable them to explore endless possibilities in their work. The tool emphasizes collaboration between human creativity and AI innovation.

It provides curated prompts, trends, and resources to assist users in discovering the essence of different styles and finding the perfect fit for their brand.

IMAGIX encourages users to draw inspiration from AI-generated designs and infuse them with their unique touch to transform ideas into reality.While IMAGIX does not provide finished products, it offers a range of credits that users can purchase to generate ideas.

The tool also highlights its vibrant community of forward-thinking creators, numbering around 270, who are actively using IMAGIX to generate amazing illustrations and logo ideas.By joining IMAGIX, users gain access to an app that sparks creativity and expands their creative horizons.

The tool aims to inspire and support users in exploring new creative directions by offering curated prompts and resources. Via its AI technology, IMAGIX aims to unlock the limitless potential of users' imagination and elevate their creative work.


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Imagix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced logo design creativity
Generates captivating designs
Facilitates unique illustrations
Offers engaging content
Empowers creative process
Expands creative possibilities
Provides curated prompts
Showcases design trends
Assists in style discovery
Supports brand fit exploration
Active creator community
Provokes exploration of directions
Unlock limitless imagination
Offers purchaseable credits
Ignites inspiration
Does not produce final products
Fosters idea generation
Promotes unique personal touch
Includes style categories
Inspiration for digital art
Supports modern style
Ideal for mascot design


Doesn't provide finished products
Limited design styles
Credit system for ideas
Not suitable for beginners
No API for integration
No multi-user collaboration
Limited community size
No built-in editing tools


What is the main purpose of IMAGIX?
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Does IMAGIX offer collaboration features?
What are the resources available on IMAGIX to assist users?
Can I purchase credits on IMAGIX?
Is it necessary to purchase credits to use IMAGIX?
What does IMAGIX mean by 'Imagination Unleashed'?
Does IMAGIX provide finished designs?
How can AI technology in IMAGIX aid in enhancing my creative work?
What are the curated prompts that IMAGIX offers?
Is IMAGIX suitable for beginners?
How many creators are currently using IMAGIX?
Can I get inspired from pre-made designs on IMAGIX?
Can IMAGIX help me generate content for my brand?
What types of styles does IMAGIX offer?
How does the IMAGIX community enhance the app's functionality?
What kind of designs can I create on IMAGIX?
Does IMAGIX have an app, and what platforms does it support?
Are there plans to add more styles to IMAGIX in the future?
How can IMAGIX expand my brand's creative horizons?

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