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ByAndrew Gao
Creating professional, high-quality PNGs for your business.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's craft your logo idea together.
Sample prompts:
Make a logo for my robotic cupcake bakery
What colors represent eco-friendliness?
Suggest a font for a tech startup logo
Make a logo for my ceramics studio
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Logo Maker is a GPT that provides services centred around designing professional and high-quality logos for businesses. It leverages the power of AI through ChatGPT Plus to allow users to interactively create their own unique logo designs.

The GPT manifests its intelligence by not just curating logos, but by also providing insights on different color truisms and suggesting suitable fonts, adding to its versatility and personalisation.

It can be utilised for a range of different industries, with previously suggested prompts including the creation of logos for a tech startup or a ceramics studio, providing evidence of its broad application range.

One distinguishing feature of the Logo Maker is its user-oriented design, evident through its interactive welcome message which aims to engage users immediately.

The Logo Maker provides a streamlined, efficient experience for creating business logos, making it a valuable asset for users who require professionally designed logos without requiring design expertise.


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