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Sketch Logo AI is a tool designed to harness the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in creating unique and customizable logos, facilitating users to avoid generic designs.

It assists users in crafting logos, converting sketches into perfect logos with the aid of Generative AI. This feature enhances creativity and allows users to accurately translate their envisioned ideas into reality.

Sketch Logo AI also offers a special feature to turn 2D logos or images into engaging 3D illustrations, ensuring a refreshing perspective for brand visibility with each variation.

Additionally, it provides the option for users to redesign logos, adding more depth and distinction with text prompts and sketches, aided by speed and ease of generative AI.

Another notable feature of Sketch Logo AI is converting images into attention-grabbing marketing art which can elevate image aesthetics. The range of functionalities of Sketch Logo AI extends beyond logo design to creation of AI illustrations, redefining brand visuals, thereby setting apart the user's brand in terms of creativity and originality.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable logo design
Sketch to logo conversion
2D to 3D conversion
Logo redesign capabilities
Image to marketing art
Brand visuals redefinition
High-definition SVG designs
Striking logos with unique fonts
Logo design with added depth
In-app editor for crafting
Emphasizes on creativity originality
Effortless image upscaling
Text prompt supported design
Translates ideas into reality
Increases brand visibility
Logos crafted in seconds
Facilitates detailed logo shaping
Private generations in Pro plan
Unlimited usage
Commercial licence available
Distinct logo through font variety
Supports multiple stylistic expressions
Applicable for tattoo artists
Supports PNG and SVG formats
Commercial use permitted
Subscription plan flexibility


No free trial
Only PNG and SVG formats
Requires sketch input
Limited font options
No bulk creation
No adaptation to platforms
No color customization


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