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ByRodolfo Arce
Design unique logos reflecting your brand's essence and values.
Sample prompts:
¿Qué producto o servicio ofrece tu compañía?
¿Qué estilo y colores consideras que mejor representan tu marca para el logo?
¿Qué forma y símbolo crees que debería tener tu logo para reflejar los valores de tu marca?
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Logo Creator Expert - SPA is a GPT designed to provide a structured prompt to assist users in creating unique logos. The focus of this tool is on consistency and relevance, with an emphasis on effectively reflecting a brand's core essence and values.

It serves as a detailed guide through the logo design process. The tool is developed to cater to Spanish-speaking users, as indicated by the '- SPA' in its name.

It initiatively asks questions like which products or services your company offers, what style and color best represent your brand for the logo, and what shape and symbol you think your logo should have to reflect your brand's values.

The user's response to these questions is then used to construct a unique logo that aligns with the brand identity. However, this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to function, suggesting that certain advanced features may only be accessible to paying users.


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