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ByDeep Mind
Generating minimalist logos for businesses
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's create a minimalist logo for your business. What type are you looking for?
Sample prompts:
Can you generate a black and white logo for my coffee shop?
Can you generate a text logo for my bookshop called "BookFace"?
I need a logo for my gym.
Please create a logo for my beauty nail shop.
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Logo Generator Pro is a GPT designed to develop minimalist logos for different kinds of businesses. The tool's main purpose is to aid businesses in creating unique and suitable logos by adapting to user preferences and making refinements based on user choice.

It is tailored to be of service to various sectors, including coffee shops, bookshops, gyms, and beauty shops among others. Users can directly interact with this GPT by providing it with specific instructions about their desired logo such as color preference, type, or the inclusion of text.

Its functionality ranges from generating black and white logos to creating text logos. The user can describe their requirements and the GPT will deliver the logo accordingly.

With Logo Generator Pro's capability, users are able to streamline the graphic design process for their brand. The GPT works in conjunction with ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it's an extension built on top of the larger ChatGPT model.


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