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Crafting flat, sleek, custom logos.
GPT welcome message: Ready to craft your flat, sleek logo. Share your vision!
Sample prompts:
Can you create a flat logo for my cafe that says John's Cafe?
I need a sleek, minimalistic logo for my girlfriend. She likes music, dogs, and the color purple.
Can you make a logo for the word ZEEP in big block letters?
I want an abstract logo that is a circle with different colored segments on a light blue background.
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Logo Crafter is a GPT developed by tigs.dev. This tool is designed specifically for creating custom logos with a flat, sleek style. Users can share their vision directly with the AI for a unique design based on their specific requirements.

Logo Crafter goes beyond the traditional pre-built templates, providing a more personalized and intricate design experience. The tool is capable of designing logos for a wide range of applications, whether it's for a cafe, a project with a specific color theme, or an individual's personal brand.

Example prompts demonstrate users can request letter-based designs, abstract logo designs, and logos centered around a theme or personal preference. For instance, a user can ask for a logo using the word 'ZEEP' in big block letters, or an abstract logo featuring a circle with different colored segments on a light blue background.

Logo Crafter is accessible through the ChatGPT platform and requires an account with ChatGPT Plus. Collaborative and intuitive, Logo Crafter makes logo creation accessible and original for its users, blending AI capabilities with individual creativity to craft distinctive logos tailored to user specifications.


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Logo Crafter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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