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Make simple, minimalistic logos for your products
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's start designing your logo right away!
Sample prompts:
Create a logo with a 2.5D mountain and a sun in a circle, casting a shadow
Design a logo for a donut shop, with a soft muted pink background, and pink/purple primary colors
Create a logo with a minimalistic quill, which is 2.5D, on a soft, muted pink bankground.
Create a logo with an dolphin riding a sea wave, with light blue primary colors.
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LogoMaker is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) developed by Steffin Gomes. It is designed to generate simple and minimalistic logos for various products.

This GPT works in partnership with ChatGPT, featuring an interactive interface that assists users in logo designing. Upon initiating a session with LogoMaker, it greets the user with a welcoming message, signaling it's ready to embark on the design process.

The application is fitted with prompt starters, which serve as cues or design briefs to generate the logo outputs. Some examples of these prompts include creating a logo with specific elements such as a 2.5D mountain, a sun in a circle, a minimalistic quill on a soft muted pink background, etc.

It also accommodates the creation of logos for specific types of businesses, say, a doughnut shop with set colors. The transformer aims to deliver an easy, handy design experience by synthesizing user-inputted ideas with its generative capabilities.

This design tool would be an asset to anyone in need of rapid logo designs, especially beneficial for startups, small businesses, or personal branding initiatives looking to establish their unique visual identity swiftly.


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