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ByBen J
Designing logos tailored to your style and color preferences.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your personal logo designer! What's your vision?
Sample prompts:
Flashy esport logo with dragon coming out
Modern engagement ring company
Vintage baseball business started in the 1950's
10 random logo ideas
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Logo Designer is a GPT that assists in creating logos suited to user preferences. It employs the capabilities of ChatGPT to understand the user's desired style and color choices.

Whether the need is for a modern, minimalistic logo or one with a vintage, futuristic, handmade, abstract, or mascot feel, this GPT is designed to cater to a wide range of aesthetic requests.

It aids in manifesting the user's vision of their unique brand identity into a tangible logo design. This GPT also provides starters for those unsure of where to begin in the design process, offering ideas such as 'Flashy esport logo with dragon coming out', 'Modern engagement ring company', 'Vintage baseball business started in the 1950s', and '10 random logo ideas'.

Moreover, since Logo Designer is built on top of ChatGPT, it also requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use. However, prior to subscribing, users can sign up to engage with the GPT and explore how it works.


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