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ByEmanuele Scola
Unleash creativity with our custom ChatGPT Logo Maker!
GPT welcome message: Welcome to the Logo Style Selector!
Sample prompts:
Do you prefer a playful or serious logo?
How simple should the logo be, from 1 to 10?
Would you like words in your logo?
What type of logo do you envision?
Tell me 5 words for your random logo =)
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ChatGPT Logo Maker is a GPT that helps you design your brand identity. The process is user-guided and interactive, leaving room for personalization and creativity.

It starts by asking a series of questions in a quiz-like format, considering factors like whether you want text in your logo, how simple or intricate you'd prefer it to be, whether you gravitate towards a playful or serious style, and what general type of logo you envision.

This GPT collects insights from these responses to generate a logo that reflects your individual brand style and requirements. Users can also provide up to five words for a random logo, allowing even more personalized design options.

Overall, the GPT aims to make the process of logo creation smooth, interactive, and convenient while providing a professional-looking output. To access the service, signing up is required and it is also part of the ChatGPT Plus package, implying additional features might be available for subscribed users.


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