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ByOmar Kawash
Crafting Simplicity, Mastering Elegance - Journey to Timeless Logos
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to design a fantastic business logo?
Sample prompts:
Evaluate, Critique, & Revise:
Here is my current logo for {Company Name}, a {type of business} in the {category of} industry based in {location}, founded on {date}, and we specialize in {a unique attraction}. My favorite colors are {colors}. When creating this logo, I tried to make use of {imagery} because it means {sentiment}. Evaluate, Critique, & Revise:
I need a logo for 6th Street Bakery. We're based in San Francisco and make the best sourdough around with our 300 year old starter!
Create a brand new logo for the London 2012 Olympics from scratch.
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Logo Wizard is a GPT designed to guide users through the intricate process of logo creation. It focuses on crafting simplicity and mastering elegance to deliver timeless logos.

The operational principle of this GPT involves the use of structured prompts to get the users' specifications. It then takes this input to evaluate, critique, and potentially revise the users' initial logo conceptions or to create an entirely new logo from scratch.

The Logo Wizard stands out as a handy tool for businesses looking to create logos which truly encapsulates their brand essence. It's especially useful to businesses looking for ways to visually communicate their unique selling propositions.

Businesses brief the GPT on their specialization, preferred colors, original imagery, sentimental values among other things, all aimed at fashioning the most fitting logo.

Logo Wizard requires ChatGPT Plus for full functionality and users must sign up to access the service. The tool is very interactive, offering users welcoming messages and prompt starters to enhance the logo design experience.


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