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Platform for automated logo generation.
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MakeLogoAI is an AI-powered logo design platform that enables users to quickly and easily generate unique logos for their projects. The logos are 100% generated by Artificial Intelligence, which eliminates the need to hire a professional designer or spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing a logo.

Through the platform, users can enter their project name, a quick description and the requirements for their logo, and the AI will generate multiple concepts in a few minutes.

They can then customize the logo in the LOGO EDITOR, changing colors, adding text and altering fonts. The logos are delivered in HD with transparent backgrounds, and users have full ownership (including commercial rights) on their logo.

The cost of the logo depends on the package selected, ranging from $9.97 to $19.97. The platform also offers a 30% discount during the BETA period.


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Jan 18, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Quick logo generation
Multiple unique concepts
HD logo delivery
Transparent logo backgrounds
Customizable logo design
Full ownership of logo
Commercial rights included
Affordable pricing
Price discount during BETA
Project-based logo design
Fast service
High-resolution previews
Variety of text concepts
Useful for various projects
Potential for reselling
Logo Editor feature
Option to alter fonts
Fast concept selection
Comprehensive logo packages
Good value for money
Convenient online platform
Suitable for budget projects
Eliminates need for designers
Delivers in less than 24 hours
Easy to use interface
10,000+ logos created
Artificial Intelligence powered
Efficient process
Modern and creative designs
Input project name, description, requirements
Discounts available
Large pool of templates
No design skills needed
Variety concept quantity options
Individualized responses
No hidden costs
Diverse color schemes
High customer satisfaction
Live preview of logos
Several package options
Safe and secure
Professional results
Continuous operation (24/7)


Limited customization options
Dependent on input quality
Difficult to create complex logos
Pricing varies
No guarantee of uniqueness
Limited concepts with cheaper packages
Requires background to be transparent
Less human touch
Potentially long generation time


What is MakeLogoAI?
How does MakeLogoAI work?
Is MakeLogoAI truly powered by 100% AI?
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Can I customize the logos generated by MakeLogoAI?
What format will my logo be delivered in?
Do I get full ownership of the logos generated with MakeLogoAI?
What are the different pricing packages for MakeLogoAI?
How fast can MakeLogoAI generate a logo?
Are there any discounts available on MakeLogoAI?
How many logo concepts can I get with each package?
Can I use my MakeLogoAI logo for commercial purposes?
What if I don't like the logos generated by MakeLogoAI?
How do I contact MakeLogoAI for customer support?
Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with my logo?
How can I pay for my logo on MakeLogoAI?
Are the logos generated by MakeLogoAI unique to my project?
Can I use the logos generated by MakeLogoAI for my website?
Can I download a preview of the logos before making the final decision?
Can I sell the logos generated by MakeLogoAI?

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