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Design minimalistic logos from your ideas
GPT welcome message: Hello! Describe a company for a logo concept.
Sample prompts:
Design a minimalistic logo
Design logo with clever use of negative space
Design a typographic word mark logo
Design a logo based on a sketch or image I upload
What is minimal design
Design a flat, pure black and white logo
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Logo Muse is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) built to assist users in designing minimalistic logos according to their preferences or input. Users can describe their desired design, upload a sketch, or use prompt starters to participate in the creation process of their logos.

Logo Muse has several inbuilt utilities. Users are invited to describe a company for a logo concept at the start of their interaction. Also, Logo Muse offers prompt starters for a range of requirements such as designing a minimalistic logo, using clever use of negative space, creating a typographic word mark logo, or even designing a logo based on a sketch or image uploaded by the user.

It can also help to explain the concept of minimal design, or create flat, pure black and white logos. This tool is compatible with the ChatGPT Plus platform and requires users to sign up for usage.

Logo Muse is developed by word.studio.


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Jan 18, 2024
Logo Muse was made to design AI tool logos on https://word.studio and has since evolved into our top GPT in the GPT store. It makes sharp, clean logos inspired by minimalism. It may take a few runs. One of the best ways to get it to make super clean logos is to give it detailed instructions like: "Design a minimal logo of a fish in pure flat white on pure black, with clever use of negative space"

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