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ByHengky Hidayat
Expert in crafting unique, professional logos
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Logo Labs, your AI logo design expert!
Sample prompts:
Describe your business for a custom logo.
Select a visual style for your logo.
Choose colors for your logo design.
Define the typography for your logo.
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Logo Labs is a GPT built off ChatGPT that is designed to provide users with unique, professional logo designs. The purpose of this GPT is to assist with various facets of logo creation, tailoring its output to the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Interaction with Logo Labs involves defining several key parameters, including a description of the user's business, the choice of a specific visual style, color selection, and typography definition for the proposed logo design.

By integrating user input with its built-in AI capabilities, Logo Labs processes these variables to produce logo designs that align with the provided criteria.

This makes it a valuable tool for any individual or business in need of a distinctive logo. However, it's worth noting that usage of Logo Labs requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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