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ByAly Bairamov
Designing app logos for Appstore and Google Play.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's design your app logo. What's your app about?
Sample prompts:
Design a logo for a fitness app.
Create a logo for a meditation app.
Suggest a logo for a food delivery service.
Generate a logo for a gaming app.
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App Logo Designer is a specialized GPT designed to assist with the creation of app logos for use in the Appstore and Google Play. Developed by Aly Bairamov, this tool utilizes the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT, aiming to streamline and enrich the process of logo design.

Upon interaction, users are greeted with the message, 'Hi! Let's design your app logo. What's your app about?'. This engagement initiates a dialogue to establish the purpose and requirements of the proposed logo, setting up a foundation for the design process.

To stimulate the interaction, the GPT suggests logo design tasks related to various app categories such as fitness, meditation, food delivery, and gaming.

Following this, the GPT generates logo design suggestions based on the user's app concept and requirements. The resulting logo designs are meant to be appropriate, appealing, and fitting for the app's purpose while complying with the graphical requirements of the Appstore and Google Play.

Through this GPT, users are provided with not only a design tool but also a collaborative platform where they can visualize their ideas, thus improving the creative process.

It is important to note that this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, signifying premium access and features. Overall, the App Logo Designer GPT is a constructive tool for those seeking to enhance their app design processes and outcomes.


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