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Zoviz is a platform that automates branding components through AI technology. The platform streamlines the creation of unique logos and comprehensive brand kits, enabling brand stories to be built quickly and efficiently.

Users begin by inputting a brand name and optional tagline, outlining the characteristics of their business. Once these details are entered, the platform's advanced AI engine crafts a unique logo specifically tailored to the entered criteria.

This process extends into the creation of a complete brand kit, inclusive of high-resolution logo files, a brand book, and other essential branding assets such as letterheads.

Zoviz's AI logo maker is designed to cater to various stakeholders – from individual freelancers and bloggers, startups seeking to establish strong brand presence, to enterprises requiring consistent, high-quality logos across departments and branches.

Furthermore, freelance designers can use this tool to stimulate creativity and generate logo ideas. Once the logo design is finalized, Zoviz provides instant downloads of the asset in various formats, suitable for both print and online platforms.

More than just a logo maker, Zoviz aids in creating a comprehensive image for a brand, offering customizable design elements and high-quality outputs to design a brand's identity fittingly.


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