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Chatting and image generation
Generated by ChatGPT
Introducing the New Chat with AIS, a revolutionary conversation platform that combines cutting-edge AI technology with a seamless online store experience. With this innovative AI-powered chat, you can engage in intelligent, efficient, and convenient communication like never before.

Powered by an advanced AI engine, the AIS Chat opens up a world of infinite possibilities. It enhances your conversations with its ability to understand context, provide insightful responses, and adapt to your preferences. Whether you're seeking casual banter or professional discussions, AIS ensures a delightful and enriching conversation every time.

One of the key features of AIS Chat is its Multiple Model Support. By integrating Open AI (ChatGPT4) and anthropic (claude-100k) alongside other large models, AIS delivers an unparalleled conversational experience, enriched by diverse perspectives and knowledge bases.

AIS boasts a Plugin System that offers a wide array of custom plugins to cater to your unique needs. These plugins empower you to personalize the chat interface, making it an ideal tool for individuals and businesses alike.

For those with a creative flair, AIS supports Painting with DALL.E2, an impressive stability drawing model. This allows you to express your thoughts and ideas visually, turning conversations into captivating art.

Moreover, AIS provides API Proxy support, enabling real-time and accurate billing for various services. This ensures a seamless user experience and a hassle-free transaction process.

To ensure your data's security and protection, AIS is committed to strict Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, giving you peace of mind while using this transformative communication platform.

Welcome to AIS Chat, where AI meets intelligence, and possibilities know no bounds. Experience the future of conversation, harness the power of AI, and explore the uncharted horizons of communication with AIS!
AIS Ninja was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates chat and image generation
Multi-functional tool
Advanced image creation capabilities
Interactive chat function
Flexible platform compatibility
Supports different languages
Efficient data processing
Seamless integration with APIs
Real-time chat responses
Customizable image outputs
User-friendly interface
High performance speed
Intuitive design functionalities
Supports high resolution images
Advanced colour editing options
Real-time image generation
Robust chat dialogue system
Enhanced user engagement
Increased productivity features
Personalized chat interactions
Strong technical support
Multimedia interactive tool
Wide range of user controls
High levels of user interactivity


No voice message support
Lacks multi-language feature
No real-time conversation support
Limited image editing options
No offline capabilities
Lacks sentiment analysis
No user data encryption
Limited API Integration
No multi-platform support
No active learning feature


What is AIS Ninja?
What does the chat feature of AIS Ninja do?
Can AIS Ninja generate images?
What are the system requirements for using AIS Ninja?
Can I integrate AIS Ninja with other third-party applications?
Does AIS Ninja offer machine learning capabilities?
How efficient is AIS Ninja at recognizing and responding to languages other than English?
Can AIS Ninja handle large volumes of conversation data?
What's the quality of images generated by AIS Ninja?
How secure is my data with AIS Ninja?
What makes AIS Ninja different from other AI chat tools?
Can AIS Ninja be utilized to increase customer service efficiency?
Do I need coding knowledge to use AIS Ninja?
Is there any training material available for AIS Ninja?
Does AIS Ninja offer any pre-built chat flows?
Can I customise the responses given by AIS Ninja?
Is there a mobile version of AIS Ninja?
What industries is AIS Ninja designed for?
What is the cost of AIS Ninja?
Is there any limit to the chat volume that AIS Ninja can handle?

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