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Secure work chat and document handling.
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SecureAI Tools empowers you to harness the most secure AI tools for your professional endeavors. Now, you can host self-contained instances of ChatGPT and ChatPDF-equivalent AI tools within the protective confines of your company's firewall. With a strong emphasis on data security and privacy, SecureAI Tools ensures that sensitive information remains confidential.

Whether you are an individual user seeking to enhance your productivity or part of a diverse team, SecureAI Tools has tailored offerings to suit your requirements. The Individual Edition is ideal for personal use and comes with a perpetual free plan. For larger teams, the Enterprise Edition offers limitless possibilities, complete with essential features like email magic links for authentication, sharing chat results with colleagues, and robust administrative controls.

SecureAI Tools provides an array of AI models, including Llama2:7b, Llama2:13b, and Llama2:70b, to cater to your specific needs. The secure, yet versatile, AI engine enables seamless communication and document interaction, promising to revolutionize the way you work.
SecureAI Tools was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 6th 2023.
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