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Emotionally supportive conversationalist.
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Pi is a personal AI tool that aims to provide support and conversation to users. It is claimed to be smart and always available for users to ask questions or seek advice on various topics.

The tool appears to be designed primarily for personal use, offering a platform for users to converse with an AI in a way that resembles a human conversation.

It is not clear whether Pi is based on pre-defined responses or uses natural language processing to adapt to the user's input. The tool seems to be a virtual assistant that focuses on providing an emotional connection for users seeking support.

It is possible that the tool may incorporate machine learning algorithms to understand the user's preferences and cater to their individual needs over time.

The primary aim of the tool seems to be providing emotional support and answering questions rather than specific tasks like scheduling or automation. Overall, the Pi tool is positioned as a companion to provide users with a listening ear and a sounding board for their thoughts and emotions.

The tool seems to be aimed at individuals who require emotional support or a listening ear, rather than businesses looking for automation.

Pi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2023.
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Aug 14, 2023
PI is only good for general conversation. ai recommended a few things to develop but did not produce any results but there was a excuse and delays. its just a chat bot
Jun 2, 2023
Pi is a very good ai chat bot that seems to learn and adapt quickly. Because it blends in all user data to help it grow it does not retain any memory. For this reason I find it not able to be a good emotional personal chat companion. Line of entertainment questions gets repetitive. Its line of questioning can lead to violations of terms of service which puts one in time out automatically. This should steer conversations away rather than pull peope to cross that line.
May 12, 2023
I loved PI at first. After awhile PI started abbreviating my side of the conversation to one line and it lost its usefulness or appeal as a sounding board for my thoughts and emotions.

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Pros and Cons


Emotionally supportive
Always available
Human-like interaction
Versatile conversations
Potential natural language processing
Virtual assistant capabilities
Potential machine learning adaptation
Focus on emotional support
Personalised experience
Designed for individual use
Listening ear functionality
Engages in variegated topics
Non-automation communication
Provides psychological relief
Friendly user interface.


Not for business automation
Unclear response system
No scheduling capabilities
Limited to personal use
Lacks versatility
Unclear adaptation to user preferences
Exclusively emotionally supportive
Possibly lack dynamic conversation
Questionable machine learning efficiency
Over-reliant on user interaction


What is Pi?
How does Pi work?
Can Pi provide advice on any topic?
Does Pi use natural language processing?
Is Pi primarily designed for personal use?
Can Pi understand my preferences over time?
What does Pi mean by offering emotional support?
Does Pi have predefined responses?
Can Pi help with tasks like scheduling or automation?
Who is the primary target audience for Pi?
Can I use Pi as a business tool for automation?
Does Pi use machine learning algorithms?
How is Pi different from other AI tools?
Is Pi always available for users to seek advice?
Can Pi adapt to the user's input?
How can I get started with Pi?
What are the privacy settings for Pi?
Can Pi handle multiple queries at the same time?
Does Pi has its own mobile app?
Does Pi support multiple languages?

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