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Answers questions and proofreads texts in ChatGPT style
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GienjiBot is an intelligent AI tool developed by Radiant Space and hosted on Telegram. The primary function of this bot includes answering queries in the ChatGPT style, a widely renowned AI model developed by OpenAI.

This style ensures comprehensive and conversational responses to user inquiries. Apart from providing answers, GienjiBot also boasts a text proofreading feature.

This allows users to refine their messages, enhancing the quality of their written communication. What sets this tool apart is the blend of query response and proofreading capabilities, which improves user interaction and productivity.

To leverage this bot, users need to have Telegram and make contact directly via the application. GienjiBot serves as a reliable AI point of contact dedicated to increasing ease in solving issues and improving text.

Its ChatGPT-style conversational approach aims to make interactions feel more human-like and less mechanical. Note that continuous development might be in play as it seeks to enhance its service to users.

GienjiBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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Feb 22, 2024
Like that, useful daily assistant and grammarly alternative. Best grammar checker bot for Telegram.
Dec 14, 2023
Wow, it also supports voice messages, neat!

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Pros and Cons


Hosted on Telegram
Answers queries ChatGPT style
Includes text proofreading feature
Improves written communication
Blend of proofreading and chatting
Increases productivity
Human-like interaction
Continuous improvement
Enhanced customer service
Improves text understanding
Ease of use
Developed by Radiant Space
Queries response in ChatGPT-style
Refines message quality
Dedicated to resolving issues
Less mechanical interaction
Direct contact via app
Enhances user interaction


Not multi-platform
No API mentioned
Continuous development (instability)
Dependent on ChatGPT style
No multilingual support mentioned
Limited to text interactions
No offline usage


What is GienjiBot?
How does the GienjiBot use ChatGPT style to respond to queries?
How does the text proofreading feature of GienjiBot work?
What makes GienjiBot different from other AI tools?
Why do users need Telegram to use GienjiBot?
How does GienjiBot improve user interaction and productivity?
Is GienjiBot undergoing continuous development?
How 'human-like' are the interactions with GienjiBot?
What is the relevance of OpenAI in GienjiBot's function?
Can you explain the term 'Natural Language Processing' in the context of GienjiBot?
How does GienjiBot enhance written communication?
What is ChatGPT and how is it related to GienjiBot?
What is the role of Radiant Space in the development of GienjiBot?
Does GienjiBot assist in solving issues? If so, how does it do that?
Is GienjiBot easy to use?
What are the capabilities of the query response feature in GienjiBot?
Where can GienjiBot be accessed on Telegram?
Are there any specific requirements to leverage GienjiBot?
Why is GienjiBot hosted on Telegram?
Is GienjiBot an AI Assistant?

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