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WhatsApp chatbot for task execution and Q&A.
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KnowBuddy is a chatbot powered by AI technology that performs various tasks and answers questions for users. It can be used on WhatsApp and soon on Discord and Telegram.

Through free-text messaging and /commands, which are preceded by a forward-slash, users can execute commands that perform specific tasks. Examples of available commands include generating an AI-generated image matching a description, finding similar products to a photo or image, tracking price alerts for a product, and translating text to a specified language.

KnowBuddy offers a free trial for its services up to 100 messages, and after that, there are small fees for every 100 messages sent. KnowBuddy takes user privacy seriously, as it only stores phone numbers with user consent, and it will not share any information with third parties unless required by law.

Users can opt-out of messages at any time and can request access or deletion of their personal information. Created by Solomon and Tobi, KnowBuddy is a secure and reliable way to utilize AI technology to make everyday life easier for everyone.


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Pros and Cons


WhatsApp chatbot
Coming soon to Discord and Telegram
Free-text and /commands
Performs specific tasks
Q&A capability
Finds similar products
Tracks product price alerts
Translates text
First 100 messages free
Small fees per 100 messages
Prioritizes user privacy
Phone number storage with consent
No third-party information sharing
Opt-out available
Access to personal information
Personal information deletion option
Secure and reliable
Constantly growing command list
Easy to use
P2P messaging feature
Supports multi-languages
Provides NASA's APOD
Direct support command
List of all commands through /help
Users can suggest new commands
No unsolicited messages
Data protection measures
User interests prioritization


Paid service after 100 messages
Limited to WhatsApp currently
Limited command options
Uses forward-slash commands
Task execution not instant
Might require user consent
Limited to text-based communication
No multi-linguistic support
Limited user privacy control
Working on Discord and Telegram


What tasks can KnowBuddy perform?
How does KnowBuddy execute commands?
Can KnowBuddy be used on other platforms aside from WhatsApp?
What are example commands that can be used with KnowBuddy?
How is pricing handled for using KnowBuddy?
What are the fees for using KnowBuddy beyond the free trial?
What kind of user information does KnowBuddy store?
How does KnowBuddy handle user privacy?
How can users opt-out of messages from KnowBuddy?
Who are the creators of KnowBuddy?
Can I request deletion of my personal information from KnowBuddy?
What kind of AI is KnowBuddy powered by?
How does KnowBuddy's /imagine command work?
Can KnowBuddy generate price alerts for specified products?
What is the function of KnowBuddy's /find command?
How does the /translate2 command works in KnowBuddy?
Does KnowBuddy have a free trial offer?
Does KnowBuddy share any user information with third parties?
How to contact the creators of KnowBuddy?
In which future platforms will KnowBuddy be available?

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