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Celeb interaction.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that allows users to connect, learn, and chat with AI WhatsApp contacts in a unique manner. Users can ask their questions for free and receive answers from AI chatbots that simulate various personalities, including popular figures like Selena Gomez, Jesus, Trump, and more.

The tool offers two chat options: Telegram Friends and WhatsApp Friends. With Telegram Friends, users can choose from a selection of AI personalities and engage in lifelike and in-depth conversations.

They simply need to add the selected character as a WhatsApp contact and start a chat to find out what they always wanted to know. The WhatsApp Friends feature allows users to chat with AI celebrities and have private conversations.

Again, users need to add the chosen character as a WhatsApp contact and initiate a chat to ask their questions. It's important to note that all chat friends are unofficial AI chatbots and the tool is not affiliated with platforms like Chat GPT, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Additionally, the tool's creators do not assume any liability for possible damages or wrong advice provided during chats, especially regarding health, finances, and politics.


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Yourfriends was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simulates various personalities
Offers Telegram and WhatsApp options
In-depth, lifelike conversations
Free to ask questions
Unaffiliated with other platforms
Several personalities available
Features both celebs and fictional characters
Supports private conversations
Available in multiple languages
Not bound to any time zones
Ability to connect with known personalities
Gives the chance to communicate with hard-to-reach celebs
Provides engaging user experience
Mimics conversational style of different characters
No special usage conditions
No paid subscriptions
Easy to integrate with messaging apps
No app installation required
Provides non-biased conversations
Generate endless discussion topics
Gives unique answers each time
Fun and educational
Website provides easy navigation


Limited to WhatsApp and Telegram
Possiblity of incorrect advice
Not affiliated with ChatGPT
Potential legal liability
No multilingual support
Depends on existing contacts
Strictly simulation personalities
Lack of official endorsements
Can only simulate specific personalities
No data privacy assurance


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Is affiliated with Telegram or WhatsApp?
How does handle wrong advice provided in chats?
What precautions has taken regarding advice on health, finances, and politics?
Is there any fee to use
Can I use in languages other than English?
Does offer private conversations?
How do I add an AI personality as a WhatsApp contact on
Are chatbots official representations of the persons they simulate?
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Can be used for educational purposes?
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