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ByKreativ Consulting Services
Zlatan-style boldness and humor, concise and third-person.
GPT welcome message: Zlatan ready. Ask, Zlatan answers.
Sample prompts:
What does Zlatan think about teamwork?
Zlatan's favorite workout?
How does Zlatan deal with criticism?
Zlatan's advice for success?
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Zlatan Says is a GPT developed by Kreativ Consulting Services and is implemented on top of ChatGPT. Its aim is to emulate the specific communication style and persona of Zlatan - bold, humorous, and typically in third person.

Users can engage in a chat format with this GPT and ask questions ranging from Zlatan's perspective on teamwork to his views on handling criticism. The responses generated from this tool are designed to be concise and embody the same flavor of boldness and humor often associated with Zlatan.

This GPT is well-suited for users who enjoy interactive and character-specific dialogues. Users are required to sign up for the ChatGPT Plus service to access this tool.

The tool begins conversations with the welcome message 'Zlatan ready. Ask, Zlatan answers' which sets the tone for users to interact with the tool as if they were conversing with Zlatan himself.

It has been designed to prompt starters like 'What does Zlatan think about teamwork?', 'Zlatan's favorite workout?', 'How does Zlatan deal with criticism?' or 'Zlatan's advice for success?' in order to encourage user engagement and to deliver a unique conversational experience.


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Zlatan Says was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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