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Answering Q&A via email chatbot.
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Email Bind is an AI tool that allows users to access ChatGPT services through sending an email. The tool offers a free trial plan that permits users to engage with the ChatGPT service daily using up to 1,000 tokens per day per email address.

The Pro membership plan allows for an upgrade, which grants access to a broader range of functionalities, including a significant increase in the monthly token limit of 1 million.

Users can download and install Email Bind from the App Store and choose the Pro version within the app. The tool offers a Premium plan that provides access to the superior capabilities of the GPT-4 model.

To get started, users need to verify their email by sending an email to [email protected]. The content of this email can be anything. After a short wait, a message with the subject "Amazon Web Services - Email Address Verification Request in region US East" will be sent to the user's account.

The user is expected to click on the confirmation link to complete email verification. Users can initiate a conversation with ChatGPT by sending an email from their verified account to [email protected], filling out the subject and content sections of the email.

The content serves as the 'prompt' or basis for the dialogue with ChatGPT.

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Pros and Cons


Free trial plan
1,000 tokens per day
Pro plan available
1 million token limit
Accessible via App Store
Premium plan option
Access to GPT-4 model
Email verification security
Convenient email interactions
Dialogues initiated via email
Email serves as prompt
Customizable prompt templates
Advanced features unlockable
Access ChatGPT services
Can upgrade within app
Ample token allowance
Company registered in Hongkong
Personalized discussion categorizing
Settings and Temperatures customization


Limited to email chats
Email verification required
Confined daily token limit
Pro version for full functionality
Premium option for GPT-4 features
No Android app mentioned
Only downloadable from App Store
Limited Customization in Free version


What is Email Bind?
How does Email Bind work?
How can I verify my email with Email Bind?
How do I start a conversation with ChatGPT using Email Bind?
What is the function of the subject and content in an email when using Email Bind?
How do I unlock advanced features in Email Bind?
What is the 'Email Bind' App and where can I download it?
What is the token limit for the free trial plan of Email Bind?
What are the benefits of upgrading to the Pro plan of Email Bind?
What extra features does the Premium plan of Email Bind offer?
How does the GPT-4 model enhance my experience with Email Bind?
How do I upgrade my Email Bind plan within the app?
What does 'prompt' mean in the context of Email Bind?
How do I use the Email Bind service with my iPhone?
What is the monthly token limit for the Pro plan of Email Bind?
What is the daily token limit for a free trial user of Email Bind?
How can I use Email Bind to interact with AI?
What is the role of Amazon Web Services in Email Bind email verification?
Can I engage with the ChatGPT service daily using the free trial plan of Email Bind?
Is Email Bind available for download on other app stores or just the Apple App Store?

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